Often referred to as a rain garden, a bio-retention cell is an excellent means to manage and filter storm water runoff. Using a variety of materials, such as grass, sand, mulch and soil, the cell is a depression into which rainwater from impermeables can be directed, collected, filtered and redirected. Often, these bio-retention cells can form an attractive landscaping feature as well as an effective system for handling problematic flooding.

Grass Roots has been constructing bio-retention cells for both residential and commercial projects for years.

  • We had a very long timber retaining wall on the side of our driveway that was rotten. Grass Roots removed the old wall and replaced it with a beautiful Keystone wall. They did outstanding work and will be recommending them to everyone .
    -Tom & Nancy, Millersville

Rely on our experienced, well-trained crews to understand the broader goals of the project as well as the specific tasks involved in correctly positioning and constructing an effective cell.

We are available to consult with you before you quote on bio-retention cells, or rain gardens, or we can team with you to ensure construction meets your time requirements and budget. Either way, you can rely on Grass Roots to get it done right the first time.