Drainage Solutions

Over the years, Grass Roots has encountered a multitude of drainage issues, often causing serious damage to property and structures. There are many solutions available, but it takes expertise and experience to understand which ones are the best for each individual situation. One call to Grass Roots will have an expert to your door, to assess your drainage problem – or make sure you never encounter one, if you’re building anew. We offer a wide range of solutions:


    We has a serious erosion and drainage problem. Grass Roots promptly responded and regraded our yard and installed a retaining wall. Problems solved! We highly recommend Grass Roots.
    -Rob, Edgewater

  • Sump-Pump installation
  • Re-grading
  • Drainage installations
    • Footing drains
    • Downspouts
    • Foundation drains
    • French drains
    • Channel drains
    • Yard drains
  • Basement waterproofing

Many homes are made less comfortable, safe and sound by water entering the basement. Water that isn’t draining properly can cause significant foundation damage, deteriorating even the highest quality concrete, plaster and other building materials. It can also encourage the growth of molds that cause respiratory ailments.

Every year thousands of homeowners find that they have structural damage that will be costly to correct, but could have been prevented by taking care of leakage and diverting water away from the house. When you’re considering addressing this type of issue – or ensuring prevention – call Grass Roots for an expert drainage assessment and to discuss your best water management options.