Erosion and Sediment Control

Grass Roots is often called in to remediate all types of erosion issues, sediment problems and water-damage caused by poorly designed or improperly executed drainage of water runoff. The earlier these concerns are addressed, the better.

  • Grass Roots is the best. We wanted large, mature trees planted in our yard but other companies we contacted could only provide small trees. We were very impressed with the large size, selection and quality trees and shrubs that Grass Roots was able to install for us. We now have the mature looking landscape we wanted and didn’t have to wait!
    -Charlie & Rita, Crofton

With the proper resources, expertise and years of experience, Grass Roots is a true partner, able to accurately assess and address any erosion and sediment control issue. When there’s no room for error, rookie mistakes or short-cuts, you can rely on our family to address your erosion concerns and leave your project erosion-free for good.