Landscape & Construction Correction

Often, we are called in to correct mistakes, undo damage or replace unreliable contractors mid-job. Sometimes property managers and contractors are left in the lurch, unsure how best to proceed when a job isn’t going well, fails to meet quality standards or simply never gets done. Sometimes the poor quality workmanship, incorrect installations and broken components are only discovered once the project is supposed to be complete. And sometimes we’re asked to assess what went wrong before the need for repairs can be properly understood.

  • Our house sold in 4 days thanks to Grass Roots expertise, design and hard work. They came into the project after I had to let the first contractor go and corrected all the bad work. They got our project completed and ready for the market quickly. I’m so glad that they are now a part of our team of excellent contractors!
    -Edward, Columbia

In either case, we hope you never have to call us for correction and assessment of another contractor’s mistakes or incompleted project. But it does happen, and when it does, your best move is to give us a call. We’ve been building and landscaping for over forty years and have already likely seen what went wrong before. Don’t waste more time. Let us fix it for you.