Landscape Planning

Your home is not only where you live; it’s how you live, too. Before the many considerations that come with a decision to install, upgrade, remediate or design from scratch, it is important to decide how you want to use the land you live on. It’s equally important to carefully consider what options you have, and which of those will best meet your vision and your budget.

  • We have used Grass Roots for 25 years for everything from landscaping and drainage problems to stone work and always had quality work done in a timely manner.
    -Peggy and Bob, Harwood

Working with you in partnership, our expertise becomes a sounding board for ideas, a deep well of experience to refer to and a source of practical insight on what the project you envision will require – and what everything will cost. Working with us is often regarded as most valuable in the planning stage. That’s where we are best able to ensure success, avoid costly errors and get the most bang for your buck.