With over 30 years experience installing playground equipment, it’s no surprise that Grass Roots has been named a Certified Playground Installer for GameTime, an industry leader with some of the highest safety standards in the business. We are also qualified to install playground equipment by any other manufacturer.

Improper assembly can result in panels that are loose, climbing structures that are not secure, and bars that could fall out of place, causing a hazard to children – and a serious risk of legal action. With Grass Roots, you can rest assured that it will be put together correctly.


    Dear Mr Cook,
    I want to thank Grass Roots Inc, You, Corinne Bingham, your administrative staff and employees for all of your efforts in making the Bladensburg Municipal Park a premier park to visit in the Port Towns area. Your ability to manage construction involving 3 separate grants and conditions while providing expert workmanship and guidance to ensure code compliance and long term sustainable outcomes was valuable to the successful completion of our municipal park. Your promptness and efforts in addressing all issues is second to none and is certainly commendable, allowing for efficient and timely completion of the project, on budget and early.
    We cannot thank you enough for all of your efforts and please be assured that we will provide a recommendation of “Exemplary Performance” to anyone that might request a recommendation.
    Respectfully, Lieutenant James Flynn
    Commander/Prince George’s County Municipal Collaboration Project Manager
    Bladensburg Police Department

Our crew is trained and experienced – we understand the importance of installing playground equipment to the exact requirements of the manufacturer, and of assuring every piece is safe.