Rain Gardens

An attractive, elegant runoff solution, the rain garden can be an ideal method for homeowners to combat storm water issues while beautifying their property. In addition to reducing damage from heavy rains, filtering and retaining runoff and protecting the environment, rain gardens also attract pollinators and bird life – all while increasing curb appeal.

  • I am thrilled with the improved appearance and curb appeal of my front yard, a look which was designed and implemented by Grass Roots.
    -Lewis, Lothian

A knowledge of the proper installation techniques, as well as the appropriate plantings helps ensure that Grass Roots customers get the rain gardens they imagine. Before you dig, call Grass Roots to have an expert come to your property and discuss with you how best to place, construct and care for the rain garden you desire. We’ll provide you with an accurate, up-front quote as well as all the advice you need to consider before deciding how to approach the project.