Retaining Walls

With Grass Roots, you are not limited to ornamental garden walls. We are experts in structural, segmental retaining wall design and installation. We ensure the wall is well-engineered, appropriate to your project and has all of the permitting completed correctly. Through every step of the process, we’re there to help, ensuring your landscape gets both the structural integrity it requires, and the look you want.

  • Although Keystone Retaining Walls has no certified installer certification, Grass Roots has been successfully installing Keystone Retaining Walls for nearly 20 years. I would consider Grass Roots s highly qualified to install Keystone Retaining Walls
    Jerry Beveridge, Betco Supreme

Grass Roots has been certified to install products from leaders in the retaining wall industry, such as Balcon and Belgard, for decades. In fact, we were approved to install some of the earliest products before certifications were even required. We know these products and understand their capabilities, limitations and particular installation techniques.

For any type of retaining wall, call Grass Roots, to ensure it is engineered, designed and installed correctly and to your requirements.