Snow Removal


Property managers know that snow removal can be an arduous, difficult and dangerous task. When snow piles up, it can also be very hard to find a dependable contractor to help dig you out. And it can be even harder to explain to anxious residents and businesses why their property is still sitting under a foot of snow during business hours. Grass Roots customers never have this problem. We offer a variety of equipment and experienced crews, capable of managing any snow removal task, from clearing residential and city sidewalks to commercial parking lots, private roads, even entire communities.

  • Thank you for an excellent job! Everything was neat and cleaned up. We appreciate your fast and complete service.
    -Cathy, Davidsonville

We bring the right equipment to match the task:

  • Pickup truck plows
  • One-ton dump-trucks
  • Backhoes
  • Tractors
  • Skid loaders
  • Truck-mounted salt-spreaders

Throughout our region, property managers have come to rely on our professionalism, dependability and capability. We understand that timing is essential. Located just outside Annapolis, we can get to you quickly and safely, and have you completely dug out, often within hours of the last snowfall. Our landscaping customers also appreciate the level of care we’re able to take to ensure no heavy equipment or plows do damage to delicate plants, hardscaping or snow-hidden features that otherwise might be ruined.