Sod Installation

In many cases, sod is the best option available to achieve a lush, green and healthy lawn. Successful installation requires an experienced crew, expert prep work and often solid coordination with other elements on a job site.

To ensure sod goes in smoothly – and takes root successfully, partner with the experts at Grass Roots.


    I have used Grass Roots Landscaping for over ten years on many residential projects of varying levels of complexity. They have always done an outstanding job. The company has been reliable and delivered the highest quality landscape work.
    -John, Davidsonville

We will measure the area to ensure we order the correct amount of sod, weed, amend and prepare the soil for optimum support of the sod plant, properly level the surface, and only then begin to cut and lay the sod to create an instant lawn that will last.

We have many years experience working on both residential and commercial sod projects.