Tree Transplanting

Trees cost money. Mature trees can be priceless. Fortunately, it is often possible to transplant these trees, rather than cut them down. Not only does this save the high cost of replacement (if that’s even possible), it can help owners comply with environmental regulations, preserve favorite trees, quickly gain privacy, shade and curb appeal.

Signature Trees, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Grass Roots, is one of the DC region’s only truck-mounted tree spade services.We’re experts in safely relocating trees and large shrubs, and have been doing so for over twenty years.

Our 90” truck-mounted tree spade can move trees up to 30’ tall or 12-14” caliper. Larger trees can be moved, too, by special arrangement.


    On short notice Signature Trees mobilized in a high traffic, high visibility area at BWI-Rental Car Facility to remove large growth trees and relocate off-site. The job was completed in a professional manner and left clean with no impact to the owner. Signature Trees is a team player that we will definitely look to partner with in the future.
    -Tom Brinker, J.F. Brinker & Sons, Inc.

Our process:
Step 1: Site visit. An expert visits the site with you, ensuring our equipment can get in and out, and that nothing will interfere with the process once we’re on-site on moving day.

Step 2: Miss Utility. We contact Miss Utility to assure there are no conflicts with any of the utilities in the area.

Step 3: Dig. We make sure the tree has a big, well-cleared hole to fit into in the new location.

Step 4: Tie, Dig and Load. Branches are carefully bound, to ensure they remain intact and healthy. Then we dig up the root mass and load the entire tree onto our equipment for transport.

Step 5: Transport. Our experienced team takes care to move the tree with the least amount of stress that is possible. Once arrived at the new location, the tree is placed into its new home, it’s limbs are untied and it is watered.

Step 6: Stabilize. In some cases, we take extra steps to ensure the tree stabilizes, often using cables to ensure it stays in position.